20 July, 2021

Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca, the first ports in Spain to use a water cleaning robot

Pioneers within the whole of Spain in acquiring this innovative device, Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca, as IPM and IMG Group facilities, are marinas that focus heavily on the care and preservation of the environment, constantly seeking optimal ways to improve understanding and raise awareness amongst their clients.

Simultaneously, and for the first time in Spain, both marinas have launched a revolutionary robot with an aspiration system that travels over the water surface collecting floating waste, micro plastics and oils, whilst also analysing the water quality. 
Using an app, Geneseas, as the device is called, can be programmed to travel over the entire surface of the port water and clean in automatic mode or in manual mode, using a remote control, to collect all the floating waste it encounters, having a 140 litre capture capacity.

Its operation is also adapted to use renewable energies, permitting its battery to be recharged using solar energy via its solar panels, as well as having a conventional electrical charging system.

It primarily carries out two functions. Firstly, the cleaning and aspiration of waste on the water surface via a suction system that securely collects floating micro and macro plastics and floating oil, with a recyclable filter created using natural fibres. Secondly, the control and monitoring of the water quality, checking its physical/chemical parameters: pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, redox and other data. 
All these parameters are logged in real time and by location thanks to the integrated GPS system, making the data easy to analyse via its app.

With the incorporation of this water surface cleaning robot, Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca have added yet another measure to their environmental and marine preservation programme, that is not only revolutionary for being able to clean the water remotely, but also because it is a useful tool for analysing the water quality in real time, thereby affording a major step forward in their efforts to care for the flora and fauna of the Balearics. 

In addition to this, both marinas possess several quality and environmental seals and certifications, such as the Blue Flag, the Carbon Footprint Registry, EMAS and ISO 14001 with the 5-Star Marina classification by the IMCI, primarily for its continuing environmental strategy policy.

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