21 December, 2020

This is how the IPM Group facilities get prepared to face a possible emergency

The workers of Marina Port de Mallorca, Marina Palma Cuarentena and STP Shipyard Palma have received their annual emergency training to refresh their knowledge in prevention, and especially put into practice the handling of fire extinguishers, hoses, motor pumps, and the STP fire truck, but also learn to lead, organize and communicate clearly, very important issues in an emergency where the passage of time is a key factor to avoid a serious incident.

While the drill carried out in the marinas dealt with a fire aboard a boat with the aggravation of man overboard, in STP the drill was carried out in the green point, a high-risk area where waste and all kinds of materials are stored to recycle and where solvents stand out. To increase the intensity of the activity, the workers at the dock had to rescue their partner trapped by the flames.

After each drill, the activity is summarized highlighting the positive issues and emphasis is placed on the details to take into account. That can change the situation, such as the type of hose chosen, counting the personnel involved in the emergency before and after it’s over, and the clarity in the messages to the team and especially to those who come from outside to help in the emergency.

To carry out these activities, the IPM Group has an advisory company that works together with the Occupational Risk Prevention Department in the organization and implementation of the training given by Pepe Cerdá, a firefighter by profession with 36 years of experience, who alternates emergency days with training days.

Cerdá affirms that “training seeks to create awareness of a preventive attitude, because prevention is the alma mater. Increasing the skills of the personnel in handling equipment, added to the safety guidelines, makes the emergency plan to be implemented in the correct manner.  It is always important to bear in mind that cleanliness and order are synonymous with safety”.

IPM Group makes every effort to prepare staff to act in emergencies and it is thanks to these training that its facilities are safe for customers, workers and boats.

We are grateful for the collaboration of the Palma Pilots Corporation, Palma Firefighters, the Balearic Port Authority and the 112 Emergency Service in the drills carried out for IPM Group.

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