24 November, 2021

The area of biological experiments of Marina Port de Mallorca resumes its activity

Marina Port de Mallorca received in its facilities a new generation of students from Santa Magdalena Sofía School who with the initiative of the teacher Jaime Ripoll come every year to carry out a biological experiment in the marina waters, and due to the pandemic they should have postponed to date.

The experiment, carried out throughout the school year, consists of the creation of traps that are strategically placed at the port with the aim of studying the biofouling process and analyzing the different samples that they periodically extract in their laboratory.

The traps are made using different recycled materials to which they even apply antifouling to compare the differences between the treated traps and those that are not.

Professor Jaime Ripoll explained that our idea of this project is to make the students participate actively in the experiment and its follow-up, so that by experiencing it in the first person they become richer and causes more interest and curiosity than if we simply showed them images on slides.

On the occasion of this visit, the Marina Port de Mallorca team organized an interesting talk given by Palma Aquarium Foundation about marine animals, highlighting the care of turtles and the needs to take into account when rescuing them at sea or in the beach. And to strengthen their knowledge after the talk, the students participated in a rescue drill, being able to understand the importance of respect for these animals and detect the importance of people's actions at crucial moments for the animal to survive.

In addition, Oscar Fernández, captain of Marina Port de Mallorca, took the opportunity to introduce them to Geneseas, the water cleaning robot that the marina launched in summer with the aim of helping to have a cleaner sea, but also to prevent marine species feed on plastics.

To end the visit, the marina offered them a snack to recharge their batteries before returning to class.

Marina Port de Mallorca thanks once again the Santa Magdalena Sofía School for allowing proyects as interesting as this one and is open to new proposals that may arise.

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