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Port de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca

Successful environmental day at Marina Port de Mallorca.

Like every year and with the occation of the scheduled activities for the Blue Flag Award, Marina Port de Mallorca has organized an environmental day to share with its clients the importance of taking care of the fragile natural balance. For this day, the Marina brought divers specialized in the removal of garbage from the sea, as well as a team with information on the fauna, flora, the marine reserves of Baleares, anchoring and about taking care of the posidonia towards clients and the port’s staff, together with the collaboration of the Ondine organization.

This activity spread troughout the morning and has been a success due to the curiosity and great acceptance shown by the port’s clients towards the great job carried out within the Marina, which served as an example to raise awarness of good environmental practices. The divers, together with the help of a crane and the sailors of Marina Port de Mallorca, made an excellent job extracting various objects from the sea like carts, skates, headphones and railings missing from a boat.

During this event, the Marina and its collaborators provided information and brochures about the environment in a stand located in front of reception, where clients could also read books or magazines about the marine world and enjoy a documentary on aquatic life.

Marina Port de Mallorca actively participates in various ecological and environmental awarness programmes and this initiative was one of the many activities planned throughout the year.

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Marina Port de Mallorca

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