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Port de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca

Marina Port de Mallorca carried out a succesful fire and oil spill drill in their facilities.

This week workers in Marina Port de Mallorca proceeded to participate in the simulation drill for the formation that annually takes place in the facilities of the Marina.

The operation began simulating the appearance of a fire in one of the boats moored at the pontoon Beta 13. Then the sailors acted quickly and proceeded to extinguish the fire with the support of hoses. During the extinction the harbourmaster alerted a leak coming from the boat and launched the protocol for the containment of toxic waste such as hydrocarbon from vessels. Within minutes the containment of the spill began by placing anti-pollution barriers to prevent the oil from spreading across more areas.

These simulation drills put into practice the protocol for training the workers involved to ensure a prompt response and the elimination of risks caused by fire and oil spills from the boats and facilities. The ability of response and the evacuation to safe areas is a priority in this kind of preventive action and awareness focused on the workers of the Marina.

With this type of operation, Marina Port de Mallorca shows the importance that is given to all areas of security, both in work and risk prevention.

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Marina Port de Mallorca

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