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Port de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca

Marina Port de Mallorca organizes a succesful social event for its customers and employees.

On the 3rd of May around 60 people gathered on the premises of Marina Port de Mallorca to participate in the Social Summer Drink 2013.

Captains, clients and workers of the Marina did not want to miss this event which was very successful thanks to the coordination between Marina Port and partner companies of the Concierge Service, which have made it possible to enjoy this event.

In this celebration numerous trays of food along with a wide selection of drinks were served provided by partner companies of the IPM group. The catering service, wine tasting and floral decoration present at the event are available in our Concierge Service to all our customers with special prices and advantages. For more information about our services, please visit

Marina Port de Mallorca actively participates in this type of events aimed at clients and employees as a sign of appreciation and gratitude. This social event has been one of the various activities scheduled throughout the year.

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Marina Port de Mallorca

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