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Port de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca

Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise ship moors in Marina Palma Cuarentena and offers an open day visit for our employees.

Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise ship moored in Marina Palma Cuarentena at its stopover in Mallorca to raise awareness about sustainable fishing and the dangers and threats suffered by the seas and oceans due to overfishing. Greenpeace held a guided visit to the flagship vessel for our employees in Marina Palma Cuerentena and Marina Port de Mallorca on March 4th as part of the annual program of environmental activities and ecological awareness of both ports.

The NGO has chosen to moor in Marina Palma Cuarentena because of its comfort, the attractive prices and the empathy with our team, as well as our commitment to the environment, the proper management of waste, pollution prevention and the rational use of resources.

Greenpeace's campaign in Mallorca to prevent overfishing                   Greenpeace carried out a stopover in Mallorca to disclose its campaign awareness of the dangers and threats suffered by the seas and oceans in relation to overfishing, the consumption of fish and other environmental issues that affect the Balearic Islands. The non-governmental organization denounces the problems of overfishing and advocates for sustainable fishing. Awareness efforts are aimed at those responsible for the offices of Greenpeace in Mallorca.

An ice-breaker of 50 metres in length                                                           The Arctic Sunrise, which remained moored in Marina Palma Cuarentena until March 9th, is one of the three boats of the organization that roam the seas in defense of the environment. This icebreaker´s rounded keel allows navigating through icy areas without being stranded, which has facilitated Greenpeace protest actions in defense of the flora and fauna in Antarctica. This vessel, of 949 tons and 49,62 meters in length, is equipped with 15 crew members, as well as Greenpeace activists. Built in 1975 in the Netherlands, the Arctic Sunrise has visited Spain to support actions in Huelva, Cadiz, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. Before being acquired by Greenpeace in 1996, the Arctic Sunrise was a ship dedicated to seal hunting.

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Marina Port de Mallorca

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