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Port de Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca

Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena participate in an interesting Biology project

Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena, always within its permanent policy of caring and protecting the natural environment, have provided their facilities to carry out an interesting school project that the students of 3rd ESO of the Santa Magdalena Sofia College are carrying out in their subject Biology and Geology.

Under the name Study of the flora and fauna that cause biofouling, the project consists in the placement of traps - produced by the students themselves - in different points of the port, with the intention of analysing the microorganisms that adhere to them. Thus, once all the monitoring traps have been placed, they have been removed weekly, for the later analysis in the laboratory.

The teacher responsible of directing the project, Jaume Ripoll, remarks that: "The objective of this new project was to apply the subject of Biology in a practical way, and thus be able to bring students to research and put it into practice in the marine environment itself and in the laboratory, instead of studying it in the classroom on a book. As for the results of the research, I am satisfied that I have met the initial objectives and hope to be able to continue with this project and improve it during the next course in order to provide the students with a more interactive option to get a good final paper. ''

Moreover, Oscar Fernández, captain of the marinas, added: "We are very grateful for having been contacted by this school to carry out this enriching activity, in which, in addition to learning about their own subject, the students had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the performance of the marinas, as well as some basic aspects of the nautical sector that they did not know."

As of today, some of the traps remain installed waiting for new microorganisms to be discovered by these future lovers of the sea and nature. Marina Port de Mallorca and Marina Palma Cuarentena have the doors opened for them hoping to offer them a permanent space of contact and experience linked to the natural environment.






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